The Annual Minnesota Crossing For a Good Cause!

To Register you must email RideMN1@gmail.com.

We need to monitor and manage the last couple registrations to not exceed our limit.
If you are interested in participating, contact us as soon as possible.



Almost everyone’s life is touched by cancer in one way or another. Great strides have been and are being made in combating these diseases. It is the objective of RideMN1 to carry this positive message across Minnesota to provide support and hope. We conduct an annual bicycle ride across Minnesota to convey this message by providing a healthy fundraising event that is geared to the participants while involving all communities.

RideMN1 Inc. is a federally recognized 501(c)3 Non-Profit Corporation. No Fundraising Required – We are an educational nonprofit. We accept donations and our selected benefactor is the National Cancer Institute – the largest funder of cancer research in the world.

2024 Awareness & Fundraising Ride 

Our Ride will begin in Oslo on Sat September 7th and end in Silver Bay on Saturday September 14th. Our Route will cover 361 miles with 7 days of Riding.

Our Ride is all inclusive (all meals, camping/lodging, luggage transport, and SAG support are included). This year we will be staying in motels Monday (Red Lake) and Wednesday (Cook), wrapped around Tuesday night in Effie which will have very limited services.
This is an outstanding route!!! with lots to see in Ely on our layover.
We will also be offering luxury motor coach service on Saturday morning from Garrison/Aitkin MN (leaving at 9 am) to Warren, and back to Garrison/Aitkin from Silver Bay at the conclusion.

Please contact us if you would like to be on our Newsletter (3 annually) distribution list, or if you have any questions, at RideMN1@gmail.com

We need you to help us in spreading the news – We are winning, we are biking to end cancer. Join us for a tour you will not forget!

The following Alex Elle quote exemplifies our mission – “Surround yourself with people who add value to your life. Who challenges you to be greater than you were yesterday. Who sprinkle magic into your existence, just like you do to theirs. Life isn’t meant to be done alone. Find your tribe, and journey freely and loyally together.”

RideMN1 Is A Different Bike Tour

  • Looking for something different and unique – you have found us!
  • RideMN1 is the ONLY bike tour that crosses Minnesota, no circles for us – we are on a mission!
  • RideMN1 is a non profit that does NOT require fundraising – We are an Awareness Organization.
  • RideMN1 provides ALL meals and hot showers – we are ALL Inclusive.
  • We ARE different – You will know everyone’s name, You will become a member of ‘Our Tribe’, You will be a Messenger – We are Winning, and We Will Not Stop! “
Ride MN 1 2017
Ride MN 1 2017
Ride MN 1 2017

Need A Ride to the Start and at the End
Bus Service Available

  • Bus service is available to the Start Point in Warren MN on Saturday 9/7/24, and back from Silver Bay MN on Saturday 9/14/24
  • The bus pickup point will be 22428 436th Avenue, Aitkin, MN at 9 AM Saturday 9/7/24.
  • Please see details on the ‘Bus Serviceto the Start and End Point’ dropdown under ‘Additional Ride Details’. Reserve your spot by signing up on the Registration Page.

Ways to Participate

You can participate in several different ways. Our Ride is designed for the complete State Crossing but we have optional daily participation- beginning with the opening Sunday ride.

Also, individual Riders and Guests may join us for any part of our journey – Please use our “Ala Cart /Daily Rate” form participation options.

Route & Dates 

The Daily Start and End points are fixed. However, detailed Daily Routes and Mileages are subject to change.

September 7th – September 14th, 2024

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Oslo – Warren – Grygla – Red Lake – Effie – Cook – Ely – Silver Bay

ALL Route Roads are paved. The map below is an approximation.


Additional Ride Details

For More Information, Please Click On the Following Items

RideMN1 will provide all meals beginning the night of Saturday September 7th in Warren – 21 meals in all

Most meals are at local cafes and restaurants where we engage with the local communities. Usually participants ‘order off the menu’ but occasionally we will arrange a preplanned meal. We try consider diversified appetites (vegan) to the extent possible.

SAG & Gear Transport:

RideMN1 will provide SAG support by transporting broke down Riders and bicycles to the scheduled day’s ride end. We will work with those affected to repair their bikes and depending upon availability of volunteers and location, we MAY be able to call upon one of the Bike Shops in the area.

Luggage Transportation – 120 LB Limit. ‘Bags’ must be 40 LBs or less.

We encourage Riders to pack spare parts – like inner tubes. You will not need a tire pump as all Volunteers will have pumps for your use. With a 120 LB weight limit, Riders have the option of packing a few more ‘comforts’. Please put an ID tag/marking on all your bags. If you have any questions, please contact us

Waiver Form
  • A ‘typical waiver form is available to view. 
    download this waiver form and bring it to the Ride. We will have copies available and most Riders get the form at our Pre Ride Banquet, sign and give it back.A signed Waiver Form is required.  
  • No exceptions will be permitted!

Download Waiver

Bus Service to the Start and End Point

Luxury motor coach service to the Start Point and back from the End Point is available.
Due to the one way feature of our event, we understand the logistical challenge presented to participants. Some Participants arrange transportation to the Start and pickup at the Finish.
RideMN1 has arranged for Thesing Tours to transport Participants to the Start point and back to their vehicles at the conclusion. The fee for this service is $100. Saturday – 9/7 at 9 AM – We will be departing from 22428 436th Avenue; Aitkin, MN 56431.

This location is about 4 miles north of Garrison MN on the East side of US Highway #169 (Riders will be returned here from Silver Bay at the conclusion).

Although RideMN1 assumes no responsibility, Participants are welcome to leave their vehicles on this private property for the event duration.

At the Ride’s conclusion, we will transport those same participants from Silver Bay back to their vehicles.

The cost for Motor Coach Service is $100.

Participants are expected to have trained appropriately for our State Crossing. Please note the daily mileages and train accordingly Our SAG vehicles are reserved for specific duties – injuries/medical, bike repair, luggage transport, ‘on the road’ rest stops and lunches, traffic notification, route marking, media events, and general logistics.
  • RIDERS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR OWN SAFETY. This is a road ride with a significant portion being on roads with little or no paved shoulder. Helmets, tail lights and mirrors are required (headlights are recommended).
Cancellation information:
Cancel before June 1st – cancellation Fee = $ 100.00

June 1st – September 1st – cancellation Fee = $ 200.00

After September 1st No Refund
Please note; Trip Insurance is available from numerous sources via the internet.

Sightseeing & Points of Interest:
  • Red River of the North – you will have the opportunity to bike to Oslo Minnesota on the Mighty Red River of the North. The river has much history and was the major commerce route when most trading was done to the North via steamboats.
    • Red River Valley, the “Breadbasket of North America’ has the most fertile land on our continent.
    • UFO Police Car attacked by aliens …… yes, it is real!!! And if things work out we will have a private showing in Warren at the Marshall County Museum.
    • Agassiz National Wildlife Refuge – moose country.
  • Red Lake Nation – we will be biking through this remote area and staying, and dining at the 7 Clans Casino/Motel. Red Lake is Minnesota’s largest lake – a whopping 289,000 acres!!! – over twice the size of the next largest lake. Red Lakes has some of the most pristine waters in Minnesota, and we will cross the dam and outlet of the Red Lake River.
  • Train Museum & Historic Downtown Tower MN – worth the stop.
  • Soudan Underground Mine State Park – 2.341 feet down, one of the most unique tours not just in Minnesota, but the whole nation!
  • Superior National Forest,
  • International Wolf Center Ely MN
  • North American Bear Center Ely Mn
  • Pillow Rocks Ely MN. The North Shore rocks are 1.1 billion years old. These Archaean rocks are close to 2.7 billion years old!!!
  • Finland MN Historical Center
  • Lake Superior & Tettegouche State Park with the Baptism River
  • Registration closes June 1st or when full (30 Rider Limit)
  • RideMN1 will provide 21 meals and 5 night camping and 2 nights in motel rooms. We will have showers at all campgrounds except for Effie. Riders may choose other accommodations (motel, RV, other) and other dining options, but no Entry Fee reduction will be made.
  • We will transport up to 120 lbs. of gear per Rider (limit bag weight to 40 lbs.).
  • Route Markers will be placed to give guidance. Daily hard copy maps will be provided. Online mapping will be available @ RidewithGPS.com.
  • Riders have the option of using the Bus Service to get to the Starting Point (in Warren) and back from the End Point (in Silver Bay). The Bus Service pickup and dropoff point is just north of Garrison MN. Please see the “Bus Service to the Start and End Point” drop down above for more details.Participants wanting to use the Bus Service sign up and pay at registration.
  • A signed waiver form at the event start is required. We will have copies available at the start.
  • Individual daily participation is encouraged. We have set fees to accommodate all Participants. Please click on the button below to see our Ala Carte options.
  • We need Volunteers. You will need your own vehicle to traverse the route and you will eat and camp as Riders. Our Board Members are active Volunteers and will provide guidance for you.

For more information please contact RideMN1 directly at
ridemn1@gmail.com or (218) 678-2194.


RideMN1 Inc. (Tax ID# 81-2789808) benefits several organizations dedicated to developing cures for cancer each of which is a nonprofit, public benefit corporation recognized as tax exempt under IRS Code 501(c)(3). Donations to RideMN1 are deductible for income tax purposes, to the extent permitted by law.

RideMN1 is a Member of the Minnesota Council of Non Profits and the League of American Bicyclists, and KAXE Radio.


We appreciate all those who give their time to our event. You will have a great time and we thank you for your commitment to help making our event a success. We couldn’t do it without you!

We need volunteer support to conduct a successful event. 

* All volunteers are required to have their own vehicle to traverse the complete route. *

Volunteers will camp, dine and snack with the participants.

Please contact RideMN1 at Ridemn1@gmail.com or (218) 678-2194 if you are interested in volunteering.


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